If you or a loved one is struggling with addiction, please contact us at info@helpeveryaddictlive.org today.


Help Every Addict Live (H.E.A.L) has been established to provide healing to at-risk addicts and their families in the Greater Philadelphia Area. Through partnerships with the local school districts, police departments, hospitals and rehabilitation centers, and religious groups of Philadelphia, we hope to help all of those affected.


The mission of Help Every Addict Live (H.E.A.L) is the pursuit of the following principles:

Commitment: H.E.A.L wants addicts to be as invested as possible to stay in recovery.

Responsibility: H.E.A.L’s focus is to help addicts and their families establish goals and follow through on commitments.

Possibility: H.E.A.L wants to expand the perspective of recovering addicts and make them aware of the future they can have.

Support: H.E.A.L will surround recovering addicts in a caring, inclusive, healing environment that promotes their best effort and reinforces personal respect.

Awareness: H.E.A.L is working closely with the community and other organizations to spread awareness regarding addiction.


It is projected that in 2016, at least 13 people died of an overdose in Pennsylvania each day. We want to erase this statistic and help every addict live. H.E.A.L is a program that is in direct response to the growing number of addicts that are either falling through the cracks in our community or who are already entangled with the various court systems. The focus is slightly different at each level, but the goal remains the same: to encourage addicts to make positive changes in their lives.